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The Importance of Mental

League of Legends Coaching? How do we start? Mental is the first step.

● Mental is the most important aspect of League of Legends.
● Everything else is dictated by it. If your mental Is bad, everything else will be as well, and you won’t be able to perform to your fullest.
● “Rank does not matter, it influences everyone equally”
● At one point throughout his career, Dyrus ended up getting himself onto a 23-game losing streak because he got himself tilted and because he was forcing himself to play a champion he was not used to. Yes, he was Challenger at the time.

Treat Ranked Games as an investment. ☟

● You are investing your time in order to get something out of it, and what you are looking to get is the LP. So would you want to do anything that decreases your chances of winning? Obviously not, thus, from now on, you will not be playing Ranked Games when you are feeling sad, tired, tilted, hungry, angry, exhausted, etc. If you do, it will result in a lack of focus, determination, and motivation.
● Use only things which you are familiar with and comfortable within the Ranked Games, regardless of whether they are runes, items, champions, or positions.
● Draw a clear line between Ranked and Normal Games.
● Ranked – Investment. Try hard, do everything you can to win.
● Normal – Enjoyment. Focus on nothing else but having fun. That’s the only thing that matters. If that means full tank jungle Ahri, so be it.
● Make sure not to mix the two up. If you do end up treating Normal Games as seriously as you treat Ranked, quite quickly, you will get to feel burned out.

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